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Free Cardio with benefits!

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on March 15, 2012

How many times have you made excuses why you don’t do cardio?  The expense of a gym membership, the equipment cost, boring, yadda, yadda!  You do not have to pay for cardio just step outside and take a walk, the brisker the better but just a walk will do!  It is a great way to jumpstart your workout plans.  Most people struggle just getting started so this is a great way to get moving.

The benefits?  When walking outside it clears your mind and lets you relax from the stress of the day.  My husband and I use this time to catch up on the day’s events while also walking our dog.   You can take the family or just go solo…what matters is you do it.  Try it for a week and notice a differenc in how you feel, I promise you will enjoy it.

What could be better and it  is free?

There are so many free places to walk that are safe and beautiful.  Some of my favorite places are in Hillsborough:

Ayr Mount

Downtown Hillsborough

Old Orange co speedway

In Durham:

Duke Gardens

Duke Forest


Happy walking!