A Different Fit

Well dang I can not believe it has been this long??

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on January 17, 2012

Since my last post, seriously?? Okay I will start rolling out the excuses…well after open house it was Thanksgiving, next Christmas and the whole holiday thing.  Then my son had shoulder surgery…well as if that wasn’t enough I got sick with an upper respiratory infection along with laryngitis during all of this.  But wait I made it thru all of that with no time off for the holidays.  The next thing I know it is a new year!!   What??   That meant I needed to end the books for 2011 (for RW Flack Const Co Inc) and then set it up for 2012!  Honestly that is the truth but no real excuse for not posting on my blog, I just couldn’t spare one brain cell to write anything that made any sense.  I promise to be more present and if I am not then please alert me that I am falling thru on my word!


Happy New Year (late) to everyone and I hope this is the year you make a difference within yourself to be the best you can be!


A different fit with…Jeannette


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