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New Equipment & Open House

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on November 7, 2011

Well I finally got the new equipment in and it is great!  It took awhile but well worth the wait.   You can see some of it in the photo of us at open house.  In preparation for open house,  the finishing touch was the beautiful painting by Susan Baumann, isn’t it great?  I feel very special as this is the first time she has shared her art with anyone.  Honestly the photo doesn’t do it justice so you should stop by the studio to see it.  Open house was a great turn-out and it was so nice to have the support of my clients & friends. I tell you my clients are the best!

Maybe now that all that is behind me I can focus on some of the new training techniques I learned at the fitness conference last weekend.  I am excited to incorporate the sandbag training into some of the workouts.  It is a really fun and challenging way to burn some calories.  I have so many new ideas running thru my head I must sit down and prioritize them.

In touching base on how we are  doing eating clean??  Well I must admit I did not make my goal for October.  Instead of drowning myself in the negative I plan to keep pushing forward with a positive attitude.  You ask where did I go wrong?  Well I was traveling a lot which is always hard to keep it clean, then stress from getting all the final details for open house & the equipment delievered…you do know how all that affects us right?  Oops I should also tell the truth menopause doesn’t really make it easy either, yep I am right smack in the middle of it.   That has been my hardest obstacle to deal with and it is an ongoing challenge.   Hopefully,  I will be able to focus better and no more excuses!  Until Thanksgiving…. then I am going to eat whatever I want, that’s right you have to enjoy the holidays.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for open house!

Have a great week and get active life is short!