A Different Fit

Coming Clean!

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on October 17, 2011

I am confessing that I have not been eating my best lately so I have decided to come clean.  Now that you all know this  I have to be on my best or I will be failing you all by not practicing what I preach!  I am a firm believer in being an example of what I do by eating my healthiest & working out, etc.  It is hard to stay on the right track and I do not pretend it isn’t.  It starts as 5 lbs here & there and the next thing you know it is 15 lbs !  Seriously it is just as hard to lose 5 lbs as it is 50 lbs….it takes discipline.   How will I do this?  I am going to start just like I tell my clients….journal everything that goes into your mouth!  Then I will see where my trouble spots are and work on correcting them.

I always tell my clients everyone has a weight or size they feel their best in and that is what I am going for here, not a size 0 but to get to my comfort level again.  I know I can do this and so if you want to join me then come on!

Here are a few great sites (free) to journal your foods and learn more about  the nutritional value of what you eat:  It is important to say I have no affiliation with any of these just found them online.





So if you are with me then lets set some realistic goals!  I plan to be 5 lbs lighter by the end of the month!  10 lbs by Christmas…that is do-able!!  What are your short & long term goals?

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