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ASCM conference

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on April 9, 2012

I was in LV last week for the ACSM annual fitness summit which was held at the Paris hotel.  I must admit it was hard for me to get my head around the fact a health & fitness conference would be held in Vegas…it was cigarette smoke everywhere!  They design the hotels there so you have to go thru the casinos to get anywhere…including out the door!  Which didn’t help very much because it was even hard to get a good breath of non smoke-filled air outside.   I have been to LV many times before and remember it not being a place I cared for but this year it was worse.    I had planned the trip way back in January and decided to try the newly renovated rooms at the MGM Grand….big mistake!  We arrived late on Monday night and they informed me they didn’t have the room I had booked months back!!  Needless to say this did not go over very well with me.  After going back and forth with the “pretending” management until 1:30am and then again the next morning at 6am we finally got our room.  It wasn’t what they promised but would work since I didn’t have time to switch before my classes started.  But I will never stay with MGM again!!!

Off to class finally.  My first day was a great day filled with nutrition.  Several great professionals spoke about nutrition and the latest data on it.  Do you know the 9 super foods?  That sugar regardless of form is still a sweetener/sugar and our body’s response to it?  How important is drinking enough water?  I learned some great tips I look forward to sharing with you all soon.

Other classes were TRX suspension training, Bosu, stretching, group training, etc.   Great research to support whether the latest gizmos & gadgets really work or not.  I had classes in training  clients with arthritis & hypertension,  timing of nutrition in regards to your workouts or goals.  It was a lot of information in four days!

At night we visited some great restaurants:



We also went to see the Blue Man group…fun show!

In looking back now it was a lot in a short period of time….which is normal for me, trying to get it all in while I can!

I am happy to be back in my studio now and looking forward to Spring!


Free Cardio with benefits!

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on March 15, 2012

How many times have you made excuses why you don’t do cardio?  The expense of a gym membership, the equipment cost, boring, yadda, yadda!  You do not have to pay for cardio just step outside and take a walk, the brisker the better but just a walk will do!  It is a great way to jumpstart your workout plans.  Most people struggle just getting started so this is a great way to get moving.

The benefits?  When walking outside it clears your mind and lets you relax from the stress of the day.  My husband and I use this time to catch up on the day’s events while also walking our dog.   You can take the family or just go solo…what matters is you do it.  Try it for a week and notice a differenc in how you feel, I promise you will enjoy it.

What could be better and it  is free?

There are so many free places to walk that are safe and beautiful.  Some of my favorite places are in Hillsborough:

Ayr Mount

Downtown Hillsborough

Old Orange co speedway

In Durham:

Duke Gardens

Duke Forest


Happy walking!


Resistance exercise for older adults?

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on February 1, 2012

If you are wondering if you are too late to join in the game of getting fit?  The answer is NO!  The American College of Sports Medicine suggest training protocols for increasing muscle strength and hypertrophy in older adults include the use of free-weights & machines.  The performance of 8-10 multiple & single joint exercises that cumulatively address the major muscle groups.  1 to 3 sets per exercise with 60% to 80% of maximum resistance, 8 to 12 repetitions per set, with 1-3 mins of recovery between sets, 2-3 non consecutive days per week.

Often people think I can’t weight train, well what do you think you are doing when you lift that bag of groceries or pick up the kid?  It is all related.

I train several clients that fall into the age brackets of 50+ to 70+ and they are all meeting this recommendation and more!  Honestly the difference is the “client” has to want it.  If they want to make a change in their everyday functional ability then they really put in the effort and they get the benefit.

Here are a few of the accomplishments my clients have achieved:


Awesome, right??  I am very proud of my clients regardless of age but this is so awesome, I love it!!

So I say pooey on age and lets get started with a fitness program for you!!


New product find!

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on January 26, 2012

I drink almond milk instead of regular milk for many reasons…mostly digestive reasons.  The brand of almond milk I love is Blue Diamond.   I usually buy the original or vanilla in unsweetened….which needless to say you can never find!!  So yesterday I am in Harris Teeter and lo and behold I find my unsweetened, yay!  But wait it gets better (for me) I see a new one,  almond & coconut milk blend and it is only 45 calories a serving!!  Of course I had to try it and it is great!  You can taste a hint of coconut if you drink it plain and think about it I guess.  This morning I put it in my favorite shake and it is wonderful!  I am happy again!  Don’t you just love finding new things that are great?

My Favorite protein shake

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on January 24, 2012

After your workout you should take in protein to repair the muscle tissue you break down when training.  I look forward to mine every morning!


1-cup of crushed ice

1 serving protein powder (I use chocolate)

1 TBSP dark chocolate  almond butter

1/2 tsp instant coffee

Almond milk to cover the ice depending on how thick or thin you like your shakes

Blend to desired consistency, enjoy!!

Well dang I can not believe it has been this long??

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on January 17, 2012

Since my last post, seriously?? Okay I will start rolling out the excuses…well after open house it was Thanksgiving, next Christmas and the whole holiday thing.  Then my son had shoulder surgery…well as if that wasn’t enough I got sick with an upper respiratory infection along with laryngitis during all of this.  But wait I made it thru all of that with no time off for the holidays.  The next thing I know it is a new year!!   What??   That meant I needed to end the books for 2011 (for RW Flack Const Co Inc) and then set it up for 2012!  Honestly that is the truth but no real excuse for not posting on my blog, I just couldn’t spare one brain cell to write anything that made any sense.  I promise to be more present and if I am not then please alert me that I am falling thru on my word!


Happy New Year (late) to everyone and I hope this is the year you make a difference within yourself to be the best you can be!


A different fit with…Jeannette


Quick breakfast option!

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on December 1, 2011

I have clients tell me they do not have time to eat breakfast…gasp!! We all know how important breakfast is for us. So I have an option that takes little time and can be made ahead. I found this recipe in Healty Cooking magazine.

Microwave Coffee Cup Scramble
2 eggs or egg whites
2 tbsp milk
2 tbsp shredded cheese ( I would not use this much since I do not eat a lot of cheese)

Coat 12oz microwave safe coffee mug with cooking spray, add eggs & milk, beat until blended.
Microwave on high for 45 seconds, stir.
Top with cheese, season with salt & pepper if desired.

Enjoy! Let me know if you all liked this.

New Equipment & Open House

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on November 7, 2011

Well I finally got the new equipment in and it is great!  It took awhile but well worth the wait.   You can see some of it in the photo of us at open house.  In preparation for open house,  the finishing touch was the beautiful painting by Susan Baumann, isn’t it great?  I feel very special as this is the first time she has shared her art with anyone.  Honestly the photo doesn’t do it justice so you should stop by the studio to see it.  Open house was a great turn-out and it was so nice to have the support of my clients & friends. I tell you my clients are the best!

Maybe now that all that is behind me I can focus on some of the new training techniques I learned at the fitness conference last weekend.  I am excited to incorporate the sandbag training into some of the workouts.  It is a really fun and challenging way to burn some calories.  I have so many new ideas running thru my head I must sit down and prioritize them.

In touching base on how we are  doing eating clean??  Well I must admit I did not make my goal for October.  Instead of drowning myself in the negative I plan to keep pushing forward with a positive attitude.  You ask where did I go wrong?  Well I was traveling a lot which is always hard to keep it clean, then stress from getting all the final details for open house & the equipment delievered…you do know how all that affects us right?  Oops I should also tell the truth menopause doesn’t really make it easy either, yep I am right smack in the middle of it.   That has been my hardest obstacle to deal with and it is an ongoing challenge.   Hopefully,  I will be able to focus better and no more excuses!  Until Thanksgiving…. then I am going to eat whatever I want, that’s right you have to enjoy the holidays.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for open house!

Have a great week and get active life is short!

Fall Apples instead of the State fair?

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on October 21, 2011

How is everyone doing with eating clean and keeping track of what you are eating? I am doing better although it isn’t easy I must admit. I decided not to go to the State fair this year because I know I can’t resist the junk I shouldn’t be eating! When you know what your triggers are you should avoid them. There are several triggers at the fair for me so I am staying away and it is killing me! I love the whole thing fall weather, the food smells, the lights & people watching. Oh well I must think of something else and it will soon enough be over.

Lets talk about fall apples….since I can’t have apple pie this year I decided to fix some cooked apples that taste similar….only healthier.

2-3 med-large apples (golden delicious, mutsu, granny smith, etc.)
2 Tbsp butter
1/4c brown sugar (not packed)

Slice apples, place in pan with butter, sprinkle with brown sugar & cinnamon cover and let them swell, cook until tender flipping frequently. When apples are tender, remove the cover & flip apples. Let them “caramelize” slowly while stirring/flipping frequently. You will notice the moisture disappearing. Cook to your desired consistency…should be tender. So good and much healthier than apple pie!


Coming Clean!

Posted in Uncategorized by A Different Fit on October 17, 2011

I am confessing that I have not been eating my best lately so I have decided to come clean.  Now that you all know this  I have to be on my best or I will be failing you all by not practicing what I preach!  I am a firm believer in being an example of what I do by eating my healthiest & working out, etc.  It is hard to stay on the right track and I do not pretend it isn’t.  It starts as 5 lbs here & there and the next thing you know it is 15 lbs !  Seriously it is just as hard to lose 5 lbs as it is 50 lbs….it takes discipline.   How will I do this?  I am going to start just like I tell my clients….journal everything that goes into your mouth!  Then I will see where my trouble spots are and work on correcting them.

I always tell my clients everyone has a weight or size they feel their best in and that is what I am going for here, not a size 0 but to get to my comfort level again.  I know I can do this and so if you want to join me then come on!

Here are a few great sites (free) to journal your foods and learn more about  the nutritional value of what you eat:  It is important to say I have no affiliation with any of these just found them online.





So if you are with me then lets set some realistic goals!  I plan to be 5 lbs lighter by the end of the month!  10 lbs by Christmas…that is do-able!!  What are your short & long term goals?

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